Attic to check your roof

How to Perform an Interior Roof Check

A quick and easy way for any homeowner to evaluate your roof’s condition is to grab a flashlight and head up to your attic. Checking for daylight, dark streaks, stains, sagging areas, leaks, and water damage will help you determine if you need a new roof.


Check for daylight 

Before you turn on your flashlight, check for daylight streaming through any cracks or holes in your roof. If you do spot light coming through your roof, repair or replace your roof immediately. If light is coming through your roof, so is water.


Dark streaks & stains

If you see dark stains or dark streaks on the underside of your roof or running down the walls from the base of your roof, then you’re roof is likely leaking and moisture is damaging both your roof and your home’s interior structure.


Sagging areas

In the same way that water will make a piece of cardboard soggy and weak, water can also make the structure of your roof begin to sag. If you identify sagging areas in your roof, use your hand or a broom to lightly prod at the sagging spot. If the spot feels soft and wet or bends easily with the prod of your broom, you know you have moisture damage.


Leaks & water damage

Make sure to look for any obvious signs of water leaking or rotting your roof on the inside. If you see any clear signs of water damage, you should contact someone to inspect your roof immediately.


Ready to replace your roof?

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, Absolute Exteriors can fix your roofing problem. If you’d prefer not to go into your attic, we will gladly inspect your attic and the exterior of your roof, free of charge. Contact Absolute Exteriors to get a free estimate on a new roof for your home in Ellisville, Chesterfield, Ballwin, and surrounding areas.

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