How long does siding last on a house and how often should you replace home siding and windows.

How Long Does Siding On A House Last?

Think of new siding like a facelift for your house. It completely freshens up the exterior of your home, and you want to make sure that investment lasts a really long time.

The good news is: when properly installed and regularly maintained, new siding on a home can last for decades. There are, however, factors that affect the longevity of the siding on your house.



When it comes to siding, proper installation is everything. Even the best siding will not perform correctly if the installation is subpar. That’s why it’s critical to work with the right contractor from the beginning. When you go with a team of siding professionals who have the required experience, certifications, licenses, and insurance, you can trust that your new siding was installed correctly and will perform properly.



Wood is the most demanding, high-maintenance siding material, while aluminum siding tends to show nicks and dings easily and fades over time. Vinyl siding is the most popular and versatile option, and withstands a variety of weather conditions. High-quality, durable, insulated vinyl siding has a longer life span, requires minimal maintenance, and offers excellent performance.


Weather/storm damage

Hot, sunny summers, freeze-thaw cycles in winter, thunder, wind, and hail in the spring, and severe storms in the fall make your home’s siding susceptible to year-round weather attacks that can leave any siding material damaged over the long term. Inspect your siding regularly and handle repairs quickly to avoid further damage.



Where you live can affect the overall performance of your siding. The climate of your city will play a big factor in which kind of siding you should choose for your home. Insulated vinyl is a great choice for areas around St. Louis, because it performs well in the heat and cold and protects against rain, wind, and snow.



Choosing a siding that is low-maintenance can extend the life of your siding and give you the best value for your money. Vinyl siding can go months without needing to be cleaned. To extend its life span even further, power wash your vinyl siding before or after summer.

Maintenance extends beyond your siding. It’s also important to check your gutters regularly. Clogged gutters can cause rainwater to spill over the sides of the house and can lead to water damage on the siding. Over time, water can penetrate any cracks in the siding, causing significant deterioration to your home.


Ready to replace your siding?

The longevity of your siding depends on many factors, including how it was installed and the quality of the products. Contact Absolute Exteriors to get a free estimate on siding replacement for your home in Ellisville, Chesterfield, Ballwin, and surrounding areas.

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  1. Derek Dewitt says:

    My wife and I need to replace the siding on our home soon due to some recent water damages. I like your point about choosing siding that works in your climate. We’ll be sure to get waterproof siding so we don’t need to worry about damages like this again.


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