What You Should Know About The Roof Inspection Process

Having your roof professionally inspected is a good way to learn about current issues and potential roofing problems so you can address both before an emergency arises. Professionals recommend getting your home’s roof inspected in the fall, spring, and following any major storm that involved high winds, hail, or flying debris.


Here are answers to some of the most common questions about the inspection process.


What are the warning signs that you may need a roof inspection?

Water Leaks are the most obvious sign that your roof is damaged. In addition to watching for water visibly leaking, you should also check for dark streaks and stains on your ceiling, as they can also be indicators that your roof is leaking and moisture is damaging both your roof and your home’s interior.


However, even if there are no signs that you need to have your roof repaired or replaced, a more thorough inspection may reveal damage that is not apparent to the untrained eye. Scheduling an annual roof inspection is always a smart idea.


What is the difference between an interior and exterior inspection?

An interior roof inspection includes checking the attic insulation, ventilation, moisture, and mold. An exterior inspection includes climbing up on the roof and checking for leaks and proper flashing, as well as the condition of your shingles and chimney.


After the inspection is complete, the roofing professional will give you a detailed guide of what needs to be repaired and execute a plan so that it can be fixed properly.


What are roofers looking for during an inspection?

Here are a few common issues that a roofer will look for during an inspection of a shingle roof:

  • Signs of water damage – Water damage can be caused by a number of issues, including water not draining properly due to clogged gutters, improperly installed or damaged flashing, and storms that blow shingles off allowing water to seep in.
  • Mold – Mold growing around the chimney and on attic insulation is a sign of excessive water damage. During the interior inspection, a roofer will pay special attention to these areas.
  • Shingle deterioration – This can be missing or loose shingles as well as rotting or algae growth on the shingles.
  • Shingle granules – If your gutters contain an excessive amount of loose shingle granules, this is a sign that your shingles are being worn away. Granules give your shingles added weight and protect them from ultraviolet rays.


Ready to have your roof professionally inspected?

Absolute Exteriors is here to help. We provide free inspections and can let you know if you need a repair or a whole new roof. Contact Absolute Exteriors to schedule your free inspection for your home’s roof in Ellisville, Chesterfield, Ballwin, and surrounding areas.

Spring Checklist For Your Roof

Even though roof maintenance is a year-round process, the turning of the seasons is a great time to ensure that your roof is in top condition. Your roof may have been damaged by winter ice and snow, which makes it vulnerable to spring rain and wind. Now is an excellent time to have a trusted roofing contractor make sure your roof is equipped to handle the elements.


Inspect your roof

Start by visually examining your roof. Do you see loose materials, wear and tear around the pipes, loose shingles, or gaps between the shingles and the roof? If so, those are all signs of an aging and decaying roof, and it could mean that there’s moisture accumulating under the roofing material. Loose shingles can be blown off during a storm, and the installation of new shingles can sometimes be the only way to prevent this from happening.


Check the flashing

Flashing is found around chimneys, along the joints of your roof, and surrounding any attic vents and skylights. Flashing that has been separated will need to be resealed with caulking. Flashing that is beginning to rust or deteriorate should be replaced. Typically they are made of galvanized steel, which shouldn’t corrode, but it’s wise to check for rust just in case.


Check your gutters

Both downspouts and gutters need to be clear from debris in order to ensure water doesn’t damage your home. If your gutters and downspouts are clogged, rainwater can overflow on to your home’s foundation and cause damage. Clogged gutters can also cause problems with your roof. If the gutters are too full, they could possibly detach from the roof. This can lead to damage to your roof’s shingles and the exterior of your home. It can also cause water to leak under the roof shingles and cause damage inside your home.


Check the attic

If your home has an attic, check for any signs of water damage or mold. Make sure to check the floor and ceiling of the attic, because that’s where any leakage from the roof would originate.


Trim nearby branches

Trim any branches that are hanging over your roof. A spring storm can cause overhanging branches to fall onto your roof and cause damage.


Remove and prevent moss

Moss holds moisture, lifts shingles, stains your roof, and can cause serious water damage if left unmanaged. You can remove the bulk of the moss by hand scrubbing and using a garden hose. If you notice a large build-up of moss or algae during your inspection or don’t feel comfortable working on your roof, contact a roofing contractor that specializes in moss removal and prevention. Having zinc strips installed on your roof is also a great way to prevent future moss growth.


Ready to replace your roof?

If your roof is in bad shape, now is the perfect time to replace it. Contact Absolute Exteriors to get a free estimate on repairs or a new roof for your home in Ellisville, Chesterfield, Ballwin, and surrounding areas.

Roofing Maintenance Myths

Homeowners deal with many decisions when it comes to the care and maintenance of their home. With so many differing opinions (and bad information) available, it’s best to consult a roofing professional when making these big decisions. Here are four of the most common roof maintenance myths and the real truth behind them.


Myth 1: Modern roofs require less maintenance.

Roofs have come a long way from their humble thatched beginnings. In the last 50 years, manufacturers have made great advances to produce more durable products that are easier and faster to install. Despite all of the improvements in the industry, a 20-year, maintenance-free roof doesn’t exist.


The truth is that the majority of roofs today need to be replaced prematurely because of failure to follow a maintenance schedule. Proactive maintenance, rather than reactive maintenance, can extend the life of your roof and help it continue at peak performance.


Myth 2: Insurance will cover the roof in the event of a leak.

Most insurance companies will not cover the cause of the leak, but will cover the interior damage after the deductible is met. It’s important to keep your roof in good condition and working properly. Instead of calling the insurance company first after a storm, a call to a qualified roofer will ensure the real problem is fixed faster.


Myth 3: You don’t need roof maintenance if you have a warranty.

Material roofing warranties cover manufacturer defects, but most roofing issues are caused by poor installation, inclement weather, or lack of maintenance. Regular inspections can help building owners identify issues when they are small and less costly to address before they lead to roof failure and allow moisture into a building.


Myth 4: Roofs only need to be inspected once a year.

This is the biggest myth of all. Roofs should be inspected at least twice a year – once in the beginning of winter before cold weather arrives, and once in the summer before strong heat and inclement weather arrives. Additionally, roofs should be inspected after big weather events, like thunderstorms that can bring tornados, extreme rain, and hail.


Need some help with roof maintenance? Learn how you can do an interior roof check.

Absolute Exteriors is here to help. We provide free inspections and can let you know if you need a repair or a whole new roof. Contact Absolute Exteriors to schedule your free estimate for your home’s roof in Ellisville, Chesterfield, Ballwin, and surrounding areas.

Benefits of a Stone Deck

Is your existing wood deck splintering, splitting, warping, or rotting? Instead of spending more time and money in annual deck repairs, it may be time to invest in a stone deck. A stone deck will offer you a number of distinct advantages over a wooden deck including increasing your home value.


Here are several reasons why you should consider replacing your wooden deck with a stone deck:



Wood decks require annual maintenance that includes cleaning, staining, and replacing worn or rotted deck boards. Once a stone deck is installed, little maintenance is required. A periodic resealing may be needed, but aside from that, an occasional light pressure washing should be the only needed maintenance.



No other material is as strong, durable, and weather resistant as stone. It is barely affected by normal events that would cause wear and tear on other types of materials. Stone will not bend, warp, splinter, dent, or swell. It’s also quite difficult to leave a scratch or chip in stone. The elements and outdoor weather, such as rain, snow, sleet, and even hail, will have little affect on stone.



Stone will last for a lifetime, because it is strong and durable. Stone decks are highly weather resistant and will hold up to the elements better than wood. This means less money spent on repair and maintenance. While you will need to budget for costs associated with building a stone deck, the long-term value will override any short-term difference in cost. If you replace your wood deck with a stone deck, you will experience a much better return on your investment when it comes time to sell your home.



In addition to the practical advantages, stone has great potential in terms of aesthetic appeal. It is versatile and combines well with other construction materials. Stone has the potential to be majestic as well as warm and inviting. Also, stone features can be beautifully integrated into a breathtaking design. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit creates a warm outdoor gathering place for family and friends. For obvious reasons, wooden decks aren’t a good fit if you would like to incorporate fire features into your outdoor living space.



A stone deck can be designed to feel more connected to the rest of your landscape design and the exterior of your home. Stone is available in a nearly endless range of styles and colors that can complement the exterior architecture of your home.


Ready to build a new deck?

If you want to add a stone deck to your home or your existing deck is in bad shape, now is the perfect time to replace it. Contact Absolute Exteriors to get a free estimate on a new stone deck for your home in Ellisville, Chesterfield, Ballwin, and surrounding areas.


The Benefits of Adding a Deck To Your House

For those looking to upgrade their home, there are a number of ways to make it more functional year-round. Adding a beautiful outdoor deck is one of the most popular additions, working to provide a great place for hosting events with friends and spending family time outside. There are a number of great benefits associated with adding a new deck.


A place to host

Whether throwing a birthday party or having a summer BBQ, a deck provides additional space. It will work as a great place to host guests for a dinner party or even to have an extra place to lounge and relax during the warmer months.


Increases home value

Perhaps one of the best benefits of a deck is how it naturally increases the home’s value. According to experts, you can easily recoup up to 72 percent of the cost of building the deck by the amount it will raise the overall property value of your house. This exceeds what can be recouped from other home additions, including adding a living room, sunroom, or even an extra bathroom.

Check out how adding a stone deck can increase your home value.

Aesthetic appeal

Adding a deck adds a high amount of design to any home, making it more visually appealing and enhancing the home’s overall quality. It can easily add dimension to any yard for an attractive property that stands out. You can stain the wood of the deck to fit into the color scheme of your shutters and the design of your house to make it look natural and appealing.


Extra space

Adding a deck to your property will provide extra room to store a barbecue, patio furniture, and even potted plants. If you don’t have space in your garage, you could even store your bike. A deck is a space that is easy to furnish and will free up the yard for other interests and activities.


Ready to build a new deck?

If you want to add a deck to your home or your existing deck is in bad shape, now is the perfect time to replace it. Contact Absolute Exteriors to get a free estimate on a new deck for your home in Ellisville, Chesterfield, Ballwin, and surrounding areas.

Check out our custom deck options.  and learn about the benefits of adding a stone deck over a wooden deck.

Reasons To Replace Your Siding In The Winter

Replacing your home’s siding in the winter may not feel like an obvious choice, but there are advantages to doing exterior home renovations in the off-season. When you have the right product and a great installation team, there are numerous benefits to replacing your siding during the winter.


Stop problems in their tracks

If you find problems – cracks, missing pieces, or discoloration – you need to get them assessed fast. If moisture seeps under your siding, it can cause further costly damage to your home’s exterior. Cold temperatures will also exacerbate existing issues. With a material like wood, water that permeates gaps will freeze in cold weather, expanding cracks and aggravating damage.


Get a convenient installation time

When companies aren’t as busy, it is easier for them to schedule your installation process for a time period that is most convenient for you. Scheduling the job far enough in advance when siding crew schedules are more flexible can help you schedule the best and most convenient install time, and in some cases, get you a discount.


Keep the heat inside your home

This is a great perk to getting your siding replaced during the winter months. Your investment in new siding can pay off quickly. New siding can more effectively keep heat inside, and it’s reasonable to expect your energy bills to be lower than they would be otherwise. You can still get the benefits of added insulation for part of the season when the temperature drops, which will roll over into your spring energy bills, giving you the full benefits of your new siding’s energy-saving properties.


Increase your home’s value and curb appeal

Not only will new siding bring about some short-term benefits, there are also long-term benefits. For instance, new quality siding will increase the overall value of your home and its curb appeal. Replacing siding is one of the best ways to improve the appearance of your home’s exterior.


No need to worry about landscaping

In the winter, the installation crew doesn’t need to worry about working around landscaping. Whereas in warmer months, they have to take extra precautions to ensure they do not flatten bushes or hedges around the outside of the home during the siding installation process. Clean up is also easier when workers can easily see debris on the ground that is not hidden by landscaping.


Kids won’t get injured

In addition, homeowners might benefit from their kids being at school during a majority of the remodeling process This means the kids won’t be around to play with or inspect the various tools, machines, and scaffolding in use as they might during the summer when they’re out of school.


Ready to replace your siding?

If your siding is in bad shape, now is the perfect time to replace it. Contact Absolute Exteriors to get a free estimate on new siding for your home in Ellisville, Chesterfield, Ballwin, and surrounding areas.

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How to Perform an Interior Roof Check

A quick and easy way for any homeowner to evaluate your roof’s condition is to grab a flashlight and head up to your attic. Checking for daylight, dark streaks, stains, sagging areas, leaks, and water damage will help you determine if you need a new roof.


Check for daylight 

Before you turn on your flashlight, check for daylight streaming through any cracks or holes in your roof. If you do spot light coming through your roof, repair or replace your roof immediately. If light is coming through your roof, so is water.


Dark streaks & stains

If you see dark stains or dark streaks on the underside of your roof or running down the walls from the base of your roof, then you’re roof is likely leaking and moisture is damaging both your roof and your home’s interior structure.


Sagging areas

In the same way that water will make a piece of cardboard soggy and weak, water can also make the structure of your roof begin to sag. If you identify sagging areas in your roof, use your hand or a broom to lightly prod at the sagging spot. If the spot feels soft and wet or bends easily with the prod of your broom, you know you have moisture damage.


Leaks & water damage

Make sure to look for any obvious signs of water leaking or rotting your roof on the inside. If you see any clear signs of water damage, you should contact someone to inspect your roof immediately.


Ready to replace your roof?

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, Absolute Exteriors can fix your roofing problem. If you’d prefer not to go into your attic, we will gladly inspect your attic and the exterior of your roof, free of charge. Contact Absolute Exteriors to get a free estimate on a new roof for your home in Ellisville, Chesterfield, Ballwin, and surrounding areas.

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Why Winter Is The Best Time To Replace Your Roof

Between heavy snow, ice buildups, and frigid temperatures, winter can be tough on roofs. For many homeowners, the warmer seasons are the most popular times to take care of roof maintenance, repairs, and replacements. However, choosing to undertake work on your roof during the winter can have benefits.


Here are a few things to consider about replacing your roof in winter.


Waiting for warmer weather can worsen existing problems

Have you noticed curling or cracked shingles? Are there icicles hanging from your house? Corrupted shingles can let moisture penetrate your roof, and ice buildups can be a sign that your home is losing heat. Whatever the issue, waiting until spring means taking the risk that the situation will deteriorate.


A new roof means better defense from the elements

A roof on its last legs is less able to stand up to harsh weather. Undertaking a roof replacement can give you peace of mind and give you the certainty that your new, sturdy roof will handle the demands of winter.


Enjoy favorable, seasonal pricing

For many roofers, winter is an off-peak season. Securing a quote and scheduling springtime work – whether routine repairs or a full roof replacement – a few months early can ultimately save you time and money.


Get a new roof faster

Fall and spring are, naturally, the most popular times to replace a roof, so if you schedule your roof replacement in winter, you’ll likely get a faster turnaround on your new roof.


Be ready for spring rains & home selling season

Replacing your roof in the cold season gets you ready for those spring showers and for spring showings, if you’re thinking of selling.


Ready to replace your roof?

If your roof is in bad shape, now is the perfect time to replace it. Contact Absolute Exteriors to get a free estimate on a new roof for your home in Ellisville, Chesterfield, Ballwin, and surrounding areas.

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Why You Should Replace Your Home’s Windows

Most people consider replacing their windows when their old ones have become a hassle to operate or maintain. If you’re fed up with fighting windows that stick and jam, or you’ve had it with chilly drafts sweeping through your home in the middle of winter, new windows can help you enjoy your home again, as well as take pride in its appearance.


Here are some reasons why you should upgrade your windows now.


Replacement can be the easier option

When a window cracks or the frame warps, some homeowners will tape up the damage or stop using the window. Although you might still have a technically functioning window after a quick fix, it isn’t necessarily working the way it should. Cracks and warps can cause drafts or let in moisture, even if you do your best to seal the gaps.


Windows do not need to be purchased in full sets. Replacing one broken window in your home doesn’t mean that you have to replace them all. Stop dealing with the frustration of broken glass or windows that can’t be opened.


Save money

If windows aren’t broken, homeowners may choose to wait to upgrade their windows in order to save money on materials and installation. However, you’re already spending more money on energy bills with old windows that allow drafts. If you find that it’s difficult to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, your windows might be forcing you to keep central heating or AC on for longer than you need it. This adds a lot of wear and tear to your heating/cooling system as well.


Improved security

After years of wear and tear, windows degrade like anything else. The latches can rust over time or become stripped and easy to break through. Intruders are able to recognize older windows and are more likely to target them because they are easy to break into. New windows have extra secure latches and are often sealed more tightly than older windows. Sealants loosen over time, frames warp, etc. New windows mean a more secure home overall.


Great for resale

If you’re selling your home, trading outdated windows for new ones can greatly increase the value of your home. With viewings, it’s all about first impressions, and buyers are always looking at windows, whether they realize it or not. If you’ve already upgraded the windows, buyers will see that as one less thing they have to do after purchasing the home. Attractive windows also enhance a home’s curb appeal, and a unique fixture like a bay window or picture windows can be a major selling point.


Regulations & health safety

Most modern windows are vinyl and come in a variety of finishes. According to consumer reports, “Lead-based paint was banned after 1978 and is especially common in homes built prior to 1960. Single-­pane windows are a real concern, because the friction of opening and closing the sashes can release lead dust and result in lead poisoning in children.”


In some cases, you can strip very old windows and repaint them, but the safest option is to replace them completely. Not only does this remove the problem from your home, but also you won’t endanger yourself or a technician with lead-paint dust.


Ready to replace your windows?

If your windows are in bad shape, or you’d like to boost your home’s curb appeal, new windows can dramatically enhance the look of your home and save you money on heating and cooling bills. Learn what new windows can do for your property by contacting Absolute Exteriors to get a free estimate on new windows for your home in Ellisville, Chesterfield, Ballwin, and surrounding areas.

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Roof Safety Tips For Holiday Decorating

The holidays are here, and for many homeowners, that means installing strings of lights and other decorations on your home. This may be the most wonderful time of the year, but for many homeowners, holiday decorating can lead to accidents. That’s why it’s important to keep these basic decorating safety tips in mind before you head up to your roof.


Prep your materials

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting all the way up to the roof and finding out that your lights aren’t working, or even worse, getting zapped from a short in the cord. It’s worth the extra few minutes to check your outlets and power sources, as well as your lights and cords while you are on the ground. Be sure to use extension cords rated specifically for outdoor use.


Pick a light/clear time of day

It may be tempting to wait until dusk so you can see the lights all lit up as you go, but don’t. Set aside a good chunk of daytime so you don’t feel rushed and check the weather forecast to make sure there’s no rain, snow, or wind expected. You don’t want to wrestle with an inflatable snowman on a windy day or try to secure a plastic sleigh on an icy rooftop.


Clear the roof

A clear and clean roof is important for many reasons, including preventing accidents. No matter how many decorations you want to put on your roof, you should always start by making sure your roof and gutter system is clear of dirt, debris, leaves, and other materials that could present a tripping or slipping hazard.


Stay safe on the ladder

Make sure you have a sturdy ladder designed to support your weight. Set up your ladder on a flat, level surface, such as a driveway or walkway, and away from power lines, electrical equipment, and doors that could be opened. Your ladder should be set at a 75-degree angle, extended at least three feet over the roofline or working surface, and you should not stand on the top three rungs of the ladder. Also, consider getting a spotter or helper.


Gear up for safety

Wear shoes with a soft rubber sole for extra traction and keep the bottom of your shoes free of mud and dirt. Use a tool belt to carry your tools and decorating essentials. You should never use staples, nails, screws or other penetrating fasteners to attach holiday decorations to your roof. Instead, use removable plastic clips and hooks that won’t put holes in your roof or gutters. There are even magnetic clips and lights that can easily attach and detach from metal gutters and roof eaves.


Know your limits

Don’t get on the roof unless you’ve done it before, you’re in great shape, and you have excellent balance. You can always hire someone to do the outdoor decorating for you.


Ready to replace your roof?

If you make the trek up to your roof and notice signs of damage, it might be time for a complete replacement. When you are ready for a new roof, contact Absolute Exteriors to get a free estimate on a new roof for your home in Ellisville, Chesterfield, Ballwin, and surrounding areas.

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